March 11, 2019

March Project - HS Dollhouse

I've been rather obsessed with getting this half scale dollhouse kit, Greenleaf's Chantilly, done. (Wow that went up in price. I think I've had this kit part-finished for probably 10 or more years! It's been a long time.)

I'm much further along than this pic, but I wanted to put a post up. I have the inside done, except I'm thinking of adding some interior doors and have to put the front door on. I have to add some staircase railing yet, too.

It's going to be a "kind of" haunted house as I simply have not been drawn to making it completely spooky and dirty. I've tried and the house refuses. haa! We'll see. I'm going to add cobwebs, a little dirt, but not overdo it. I really like the spooky, abandoned look, but I'll have to do another project, maybe a book box as those are fun. I am going to try to put some LED lights in with a switch. Have to figure out the positioning yet (and how to do them. The scary part!)  

I've decided the house will be a light-medium gray with dark gray edges (using sand in paint)  and black trim around windows. the triangles in front and the large top of the roof are dark purple. I had it in mind to do a real purple color for the posts and trim. Even had to go buy some as, of course, I had every other purple and lavender but that color! ha! You know how it is when you have a certain idea in mind. It can't be anything else! 

The underside of the roof is a medium gray. The front porch will be wood strips and may be black and gray, I think.  The roof is going to be corrugated paper painted black.

I'm painting the outside and outside trim at the moment. You have to decide what goes on first with this house. I'll be adding a wrought-iron type rail on the lower roof as it seems odd not to have anything there. I'm also cutting off the bottom posts that would be right in the center as they just make it too crowded. I don't think they're needed. 

Stay tuned. I'll add more once I get some decent updated photos.

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