November 14, 2018

Wee C Dollhouse Show Miniatures 2018-3

Here's the last photos of some of the miniatures on display at the annual Wee C Dollhouse Show in Elk Grove Village, Ill. See post 1 - post 2. Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!

 Two-sided room: This is a fun idea. The wall/room is angled so you can put inside and outside.

Framed scene:

You can make it look like the whole building with walls inside a frame. Neat way to make a scene in limited space. You can also do something like this in a book box.

Small Window Box: Another fun idea for lots of detail in a small space. Love all the Raggedies!

I remember seeing these stand-up figures last year and thought they were funny. Someone bought them and put them in scenes:

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour!
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