April 24, 2017

Chicago Miniatures Shows 2017!

Had a great weekend going to all three miniatures shows in Schaumburg and Chicago!

As always, there was tons to see. I didn't take as many photos this time, but wanted to share a few things I did get pictures of. I'll also have some of the photos and information in the upcoming issue 63 of the AIM - Artisans in Miniature Magazine. (Click pix for large images.)

I always find some great deals at the Three Blind Mice show (http://3blindmiceshow.com/chicago_spring/) and this year was even better - I won a half scale (1/24th) dollhouse kit from the door prize raffle! Believe me, I was pretty shocked!

 I always find a bunch of accessories here. The fun stuff I found was a mini silver garbage can (hard to come across those now and I have fun filling them!), some small half-scale end tables, flower boxes, tiny tables, plant hanger, cigar box, mini computer, shoes, etc. I got a kick out of this Pan statue, (at left) as it was definitely different (kind of creepy!) and will fit perfectly in the half-scale, haunted house garden once I do that project! I got an interesting sofa kit, too, that I may use in my upcoming record store project. (Yes, another new idea. ha!)

Now, not to inject politics, but these cut-out server figures cracked me up! Oh, the jokes I could make, but I'll control myself. ha! (From William Cambron Miniatures, Missouri.)

This was a pretty cool spooky house by April and Ron Gill of The Wildwood Dollhouse from Michigan, which will be going to The Museum of Miniature Houses in Carmel, Indiana. (http://museumofminiatures.org.) The interior features a full array of potions for that wizard or witch, along with a unique table on skeleton legs. (I hope it doesn’t walk away!)

The newer dollhouse show, The Miniature Show, (http://theminiatureshow.com/) was even better in its second year with more vendors. Much of the items are high-end, but I found some great kits in three scales from first-timer Jane Harrop of the UK. I love finding new half-scale kits. She had some interesting vintage-style kits like the table and vegetable cart. And the filligree screen is also great. I really liked her assortment.

This incredible Steampunk scene in a giant top hat by Bette Jo Chudy was part of the displays for the show's artisan competition. 

The Chicago International (Bishop show) (http://www.bishopshow.com/blank-chv5.) always has a ton of stuff to see, as well.

This was a cool idea using those plastic skellies. Will have to try something similar -chandelier from Magic-N-Miniatures of Ohio. (ignore the guy in the makeshift bathroom in the back.) ha!

First-time exhibitor from the UK - These dolls from Bags of Character from the UK really do have a lot of character. Love the expressions!

So, just a little taste of the shows!

March 14, 2017

Yellow HS Kids' House

Wow it's been a while since I posted! It's not that I haven't been working on things, just haven't had a chance to share!  The small trailer is coming along. Will be posting some pix and tips soon.

For now, here's a trip down memory lane. Since I cleaned the cover and was moving the house, took a few new pix. This was always one of my favorite projects.

Yellow Half Scale Kids' House

I bought this kit years ago when my local dollhouse store was closing. It was labeled as a kid's playhouse, though it is half scale. I used smaller 1" scale furniture inside and outside. I kick myself that I didn't buy the other kit at the time.

** Just found this original pic of the kit - it was called "Backyard Bliss" by Betty's Wooden Miniatures. (I'd seen that pink kit on left (Tulip Cottage) back then; should've bought it. And that other kit, Storybook Playhouse, shown on right is cute. Here's a link to someone's projects. (Not sure if it'll work as it's a private forum on Greenleaf.) 

(Click pix for full size)

** And it seems every time I take a pic, then I see something wrong after. Like the bird (Cockatiel) hanging down on the chair inside. Oh, he's just looking at something. haa!

The stones in front and on the chimney are those polished colored stones. I put them in tinted lightweight spackle. (stucco) The bird on the chimney is from Barbara Meyer, Mini Gems. 

January 18, 2017

Christmas 2016 Minis!

I'm getting to this a bit late. My friend Gigi and I only recently got together a couple weeks ago so I couldn't show some of these until she opened her gifts! 😄

She made me this amazing lantern with a Christmas scene. You can't tell but the tree lights are super bright white LED's. 

I got a big kick out of this though! I've never seen these before. They're mini-sized cement blocks on their own pallet - and made of real cement! Too funny!

Also too "cute." Friend Joanna Campbell Slan sent me this mini-mini tree for my birthday (beginning of Dec.) Now to decorate it!

I made this Christmas tree for Gigi, along with this shabby chic bike. 

The bike was rust-colored. I painted it, and made the sign and basket. I also made the kitten in a basket. It's resin so I added flocking, painted the ears, and redecorated the resin basket.  
The amazing thing? My other 'mini' friend Kitty from Holland sent her gifts to me at the end of November - and the package just arrived - yesterday! That's crazy!!!!

Bad pix but she sent some cute hats she made, a pretty wreath, little jars, coffee grinder, some boxes, ornaments, button plates. and other odds and ends, etc. And a teapot kit (not shown) from bead caps which should be interesting to try making! 

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