January 28, 2016

Half Scale Garage Update!

Remember the Half Scale Garage I started a while back? (See first photos).

It's still going along. Making some progress!

Might have to add some more trim to the side door, but that wall and the front are done. (Yes, missing a doorknob and curtain yet!)

Side wall: 

The back wall is a now attached and the paper clay foundation is ready to be painted. I'm using some items I had for another project. A counter is going under the shelf. It has a garden scene on front, but hey, this is a lady's garage! There will be some tools, of course.

Here's  the inside of the back wall with the art. (Art is also glued to mat board for dimension.)  I also shrunk down some photos of license plates and glued the strips to mat board. They're glossed with gloss varnish and glued to the dividing strip of wood. I colored the edges with black Sharpie marker before gluing them down. (Ignore that piece of Styrofoam (TM)  that got stuck on the wall for the moment!)

Full interior - floor is painted and glossed.

Below - outside foundation ready for painting, then adding wood strips. Wood strips have to be added to other side yet as well.  

I like the results but hate doing it! Stay tuned, more updates coming!! 

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