June 15, 2011

New Story in Hot & Steamy: Tales of Steampunk Romance, back copy

Yay! Got my copy today of the anthology Hot and Steamy: Tales of Steampunk Romance from DAW Books.

It contains my new story, "Kinetic Dreams" by C.A. Verstraete. In the story, the saga of Alva Edison and her famous brother, Thomas, continues with newly married Alva realizing her life isn't as she thought it was. Can she help Thomas get back to the past and escape a threat from the future?

Here's what the back of the book says (my story is described first):

What would the past look like if the future had come along earlier? This is the question that steampunk stories seek to answer in tales that place those possible futures in Victorian settings.

Now join sixteen visionary writers as they explore the many romantic possibilities of the steampunk, pseudo-Victorian age in such striking alternate adventures as when:

- Time travel and a chance look at an untimely newspaper headline complicate Alva Edison's blissful home life...

In the first story, "Edison Kinetic Light and Steam Power" from Steampunk'd, also from DAW Books, an unexpected accident has Alva Edison assisting her brother Thomas in developing some of their time's most amazing discoveries, and improving on some of H.G. Wells' work.

* Read an excerpt from the book's inside first page at my website.

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