June 11, 2011

New Project from In Miniature Style II: Plants Pants

Fern's "Plant Pants"

This has to be one of my favorite projects from IN MINIATURE STYLE II. (See Fern's version in the slideshow at link.)

When I first saw this project by Fern Rouleau, I laughed and thought it was the "cutest" thing I'd seen in miniature!

I knew I'd have to make my own, and I finally had the right materials to make my own "Pants Planter." But I had to also take it a step further and make a smaller version to fit in the garden shop I'm making in a half-scale Tudor house!

In the 1" scale version in pink and blue (left), I used a regular pair of pants instead of overalls. The plant is made from a kit by my favorite flower maker Susan at SDK Miniatures.

Since I didn't have any tinier pants and definitely didn't want to try making them that small, I decided to do something different for the half-scale version. I made a skirt. The daffodil plant also uses petals from Susan. Here's my secret: the tiny pink shoes are from a Polly Pocket set and were the perfect size. I used small lace for "socks."

Yes, doing the project in half-scale takes some fiddling since it's harder to get the pieces assembled, but overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. I just had to make both versions.

One guy I had talked with mentioned he was thinking of scaling down the patterns even further to make quarter-scale versions. I'd love to see this project in that size!

* The how-to and a profile of Fern and her work are in IN MINIATURE STYLE II. See information, photos and details at link. (Available in ebook/pdf, iPad, Nook, Kindle & other formats, and print.)

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