May 18, 2011

In Miniature Style II Giveaways & Contest continues; New miniature Victorian scene

* Today's Special miniature scene from IN MINIATURE STYLE II. *

This is my Victorian room, part of a double roombox, which is featured in the book. It has hand-made curtains, which have a hand-beaded trim on top (never again!). The unique part is the room contains miniaturized photos of my family.

Continuing the blog tour for my new book, IN MINIATURE STYLE II.

** Today, I'm at Victoria's Dark Squirrel Miniatures blog. (Check out her cool house and the amazing potion cabinets. I love the detail!)

You can get the latest contest question and see the new post at Victoria's blog above. Scroll down to previous post for the full contest details -- and where to find the answers! -- or click here.

Recap: here are the questions so far:

Contest Questions:

Question 1: Who is the lovely lady of the sea?

Question 2: What is my "sweetest" miniature scene?

Question 3: What is the dog holding?

Question 4: He sees you when you're sleeping... but he solves the crime. (Dual answer, two sections on website. Either one is right. Bonus for both.)

Question 5: What's to eat? Name one food how-to from "In Miniature Style II."

** Today's Question:**

Question 6: Name one of the flowers in the book (other than the hydrangea on the cover! Too easy!)

** IN MINIATURE STYLE II is available in eBook/pdf, Kindle and other formats at Smashwords, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, Nook, and print.

"Easy to read, the book is a bit like having a miniature club to yourself," says Lesley Shepherd, Miniatures Guide.

** Read the rest of her full-page review at **

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