January 25, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Or don't, according to a recent study that says that sleeping with your dog will make you sick.

Junk science? Another scare story?

Of course, kids should not make a habit of letting Fido or Kitty sleep with them. (Then again we're talking about kids who roll in dirt, etc., right?) Yes, you don't want to kiss the dog on the lips or have them lick your face... But - has this researcher ever had a pet - especially a dog or puppy, you wonder? (Try dodging puppy kisses!)

But oh before you panic, the disclaimer is despite the spread of some diseases, and the implied risk, the keyword here is RARE.

Like another recent story, probably based on a study, talking about the risk of lead in reusable plastic bags. Like we all think about that??

Or past examples: that frying - as in french fries - releases a chemical linked to cancer.

Or that grilling can have cancer risks. Or... there are dozens of other examples I'm sure.

First it was food, and now it's the dog. So not fair.

This is most likely another of those stories based on so-called "research" about things that will supposedly kill/hurt/harm us. Give them a few weeks or so and they'll change their mind.

You know what? Unless you're a hermit or want to live in a bubble, you can pick up germs anywhere - like the grocery store or the family bringing home those wonderful cold germs. Anything can happen.

Kick the snoozing, snoring dog off the couch or out of the chair? Don't let them lie by you? Yikes! I'll take my chances and let sleeping dogs lie.

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