January 12, 2011

End of an Era: Last member of Ozzie and Harriet TV Family Dies

David Nelson, the son of the famous TV family, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, died, reported Yahoo News. The show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, aired from 1952 to 1966.

The show, and others of the time - Leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menace, The Donna Reed Show - were symbols of an era, even if they were idealized.

But wow, compare TV fare now and it's unbelievable how much has changed... not exactly for the better?

* The Bachelor - women throwing themselves at one guy.

* Housewives of ---- - catty women backbiting each other.

* Jersey Shore - excesses of everything.

* "Reality" TV in general - the worst of everyone.

That's entertainment?

** Your thoughts?
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