January 28, 2011

Dumb Crook & Would-be Felon Friday - The Traffic Stop

I've thought about starting this blog series every time I read the paper, so here's the first installment showing just why crime doesn't always pay...


In Wisconsin, a 17-year-old boy pulled over on a traffic stop gets his license out of his wallet, and oops! out comes some marijuana with it. You wanna bet he's thinking, gee, so that's where I put it? (Well, maybe the age explains it?)

** Yes, they'll get better as there's no lack of criminal "geniuses" out there... In the meantime, feel free to share your own DUMB CROOK story....


  1. I have two favourites. One is the robber who held up a bank?store. He ran off with the proceeds but he was wearing those very low-slung pants, which fell down and tripped him. He stepped out of them and ran on--and was caught hiding in the bushes in his underwear.

    The other happened way back in the eighties--stupidity is nothing new. It was a doughnut-shop hold-up. The robbers fled in a very distinctive car, one of those big old convertibles that looked like boats. Cops come and take report and call it in. Then, this being one of their regular hang-outs, they stop for doughnuts and coffee. Next thing the employees are pointing out the window and shouting that's the car! When arrested, the perps explained that they'd decided to spend some of their ill-gotten gains on doughnuts.

  2. haaa! Love the undewear one... reminds me of those guys who get stuck in chimneys. Too funny!

  3. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

    New follower visiting from TIO's A to Z challenge. Looking forward to reading your posts. :o) Happy Saturday!


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