January 05, 2011

2011 Writing Goals: What are yours?

I had hoped to get my current project done last week, but I knew I wouldn't. Luckily, it didn't get me too off track as it usually would. Maybe because I'm soooo close to the end that I have to finish!

It's YA so I'm aiming for around 42,000 words. I'm over 35,000 now. So about three, four chapters maybe? I really had wondered if I'd ever get to this point, but I love the story and want to finish it. It's different as it's about zombies but with a twist, first person, funny, horror, and fun to write!

What helped was really getting serious and writing some every day last week; even 500 words done put me closer, I figured.

Next comes the dreaded synopsis and query letter.

Any published YA/mystery/horror authors interested in being a beta reader? Could use a few extra eyes to catch things I might have missed. I'd like to get the first three chapters and synopsis sent out in the next few weeks.

** What are your goals or what are you working on?

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  1. Why is it that those goals seem so concrete from a distance and so murky up close? I've been planning to be "done" with several projects for weeks, maybe months, but other things keep showing up that must be done. Got the cover art for THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY yesterday and a request for some ancillary material, so that put everything else on hold while I did that...maybe the second Tuesday of next week?


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