July 14, 2010

New Links for Motherly Love Ebook

I've been waiting (and waiting) for my ebook, MOTHERLY LOVE, to go up on Amazon for Kindle, but it is available for Kindle on Smashwords, (you may have to register to purchase) and other sites.

It is available on Ipad (if you've seen it let me know,) and is supposed to be up on Kobo (I can't find it.)

** For easier downloading you can find Motherly Love at Sony and B&N.com (B&N has a free reader for PC too.)

A story for less than a cup of coffee!

If you read it, please post a review on the site you purchased it from. Thanks!

About the story:

It's not what you think - it's more of a light horror story with heart.

Maria's family has an age-old tradition that she viewed as mere superstition, until her little girl fell ill. Now she'll do anything to save her daughter's life - even the one thing she fears most.
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