June 02, 2010

Welcome to Carlton Scott, author of children's book Glamour Girl from the Stars

Today I'm welcoming Carlton Scott, author of the children's book, GLAMOUR GIRL FROM THE STARS.

Scott has more than 15 years clinical experience as a traveling registered nurse (RN) with a specialty in critical care nursing and a focus on children’s health. He has worked with both children and teens in mental health counseling and critical care nursing.

Inspired by his desire to cheer sick children, Scott has authored and illustrated three children’s books that teach kids the lessons of friendship, self-acceptance and adventure.

As part of his commitment to supporting children’s health, Scott donates 50 percent of all profits from his books to children’s hospitals across the country.

About Glamour Girl from the Stars:

“After traveling to and fro across outer space’s unknown, PleeDee discovers her world is similar to our own. When little girls live up to their potential wherever they are, they’ll shine brightly with confidence no matter how near or far.”

Interview with author Carlton Scott:

Why did you choose self-esteem, especially for girls, as your theme?

One night while watching the Miss Universe Pageant with my wife, Annie, I was sad that no girls from other planets were invited. I thought the title was a bit misleading…

Although I don’t have children of my own, I chose self esteem for little girls because of the experiences I’ve had working with girls of all ages as a mental health counselor and traveling nurse. I have provided care for patients, infants to teens, suffering from horrible abuse, self-mutilating behavior, and attempts at suicide.

I’m amazed at the myriad eating disorders girls can choose from and the superficial teasing projected at one another. I feel little girls should be encouraged to be physically active so they don’t have to worry so much about dieting and be comfortable in their own skin, no matter how they look.

What do you hope to share with the book?

I hope my readers laugh when they read my books. After working in five different children’s hospitals as a traveling nurse, I hope families with young kids will join me in my quest to help the Children’s Miracle Network and the nearly 200 children’s hospitals nationwide by ordering my three-book set from my website.

What are some of the best experiences you've had with the book?

My most surprising experience with publishing my third book was the fun I had bringing an alien girl to planet Earth. I enjoy having people share their daughters' reactions after reading my Glamour Girl book. Hearing people tell me that their kids started coloring with crayons and colored pencils after reading my books really brightens my day…

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