June 07, 2010

Miniatures Monday: Dolls Smaller Than a Finger

These are so amazing that I just had to share them! Miniaturist Lucie Winsky recently made these tiny medieval dolls for a quarter-scale castle she is working on.

The dolls are only 1 1/2 inches tall - about the size of three-fourths of my little finger! The detail she includes in such tiny figures is incredible!

The detail is not surprising given Lucie is an IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artisans) Artisan and a certified DAG Doll Artisan. I've shared some of her work here before, including her reproduction dolls based on famous paintings. She also is the artist who painted my miniature Starry Night oil painting.

* Read more about Lucie's work at the link above, or put Art to Life in the search box for a look at more of her work.


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