June 30, 2010

Featured Miniaturist: Pathy Biero and her Beautiful Dolls

After she is done working at the post office for the day, miniaturist Pathy Biero goes to her home outside Paris, takes care of her family, and if she is lucky, spends a little time with her art.

Pathy's art is sometimes smaller than an inch, but it is big in charm. (Pictured: grandfather and his dog, top. Left, half-scale baby)

"I always liked to look at miniatures and my dream was to be able to make my own dolls," she says.

"I could not have a kiln (lack of place, lack of money), so I was very happy to find Flumo, which doesn't need to be fired."

Using Flumo, an air-dry casting slip, allowed Pathy to buy some porcelain dollhouse doll molds and begin making the dolls of her dreams. She makes the dollhouse scale dolls herself from start to finish: pouring the slip, cleaning, then painting, wigging, and dressing the dolls.

For Pathy, it's not quite an overnight process, but the results make it worth the wait.

(Pictured: Her latest, Sleeping Beauty, also in 1/24th, half scale.)

"It's quite long to make a doll, about two or three weeks," she says. "I try to put expression in the attitude and the look of my dolls. It's not easy, but with training, I have some good results. I like to make everything and I like to see the doll come to life under my eyes (and my hands!)"

So do we! A member of the Mini Doll List, Pathy loves finding inspiration from other doll makers - and inspiring some of her own fans.

What always caught my eye was the charm of her dolls, like this cutie, probably my favorite. (Pictured: Sarah)

Besides making dolls, Pathy has finished three roomboxes, and has plans for another roombox and finishing a large dollhouse. She also is thinking of selling her dolls.

"Making dolls is easier for me," she says. "I need less space making a doll than making a house, but I dream one day that I could have other dollhouses and a lot of free time for furnishing and decorating them!"

(Sounds like a good idea, right?)

Thanks, Pathy for sharing your fantastic dolls!

* Visit Pathy Biero's doll blog

* How to: Flumo tutorial. (The tutorial uses Liquache, which is the same as Flumo.)

* Flumo tips

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