August 11, 2009

I LOVE Garage Sales & Flea Markets!

This was one of my great finds at a recent garage sale... Can't believe hubby didn't see it! I must have miniatures radar as I zoomed right in on it!

It's now hanging on the kitchen wall. The inside back wall has a photo of an old time grocery. I have to study the photo better to see what is in it, but I'm going to see how a small counter and some displays fit inside. I figured I'd use some swap items I have saved. I may put a meat counter, fruit-vegetable display, some candy - I have to see what I can use. You won't be able to really see it unless you peek inside, but I thought it was a cool display box. Neat, huh?

Oh and the price? Heh-heh. $3!!! (We replaced that cheap string on the side and put a chain on which looks better.)

What will I do this winter when the flea market closes and garage sales are over??? (Yeah I know, save money. haa!)

The week before I got a bag full of old wood furniture, perfect to age for Halloween... $8.


  1. Wow Chris - that is a wonderful find. Eventually that is the type of scene that I want to do as there is so much that you can put into it. Congratulations on the great purchase - and the price was great too!

  2. Great find! And great idea with ann old picture in the baground of a room box. I'm sure it's been done but never occured to me.

  3. What a great find and a bargain price.

  4. Nice reminds me of an image of I think my mother when she was a little girl 1940'something and she was standing in my Grandfathers Grocery store in New York. She has flour or bags of sugar I can not remember which, that had a sign 5 cents each or something like that from what I can recall. I would love to find that image and scan it and post it to show you what I mean.

  5. Great find! Very unique indeed. I love going to flea markets and garage sales, too.


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