August 12, 2009

First Graphs: Leaden Skies by Ann Parker

Today's excerpt is from the Silver Rush historical mystery series by Ann Parker.

Publishers Weekly called LEADEN SKIES (Poisoned Pen Press, July 2009) "a twisty tale of murder and ambition."

Excerpt from "Leaden Skies" -

"July 22, 1880

When the summer storm arrived late that afternoon, it was hailed as a blessing. Damp splots the size of half-eagle gold coins pocked hats and shawls, sent small dust explosions puffing up from dirt streets ground to dust beneath boots and wagon wheels, and tempted small children to stand with faces upturned, tongues thrust out to catch the drops."

(The description makes you feel like you're there, doesn't it?)

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  1. May have to check this out though there is hardly any time for reading, sad to say, lately. Rain here lately is a blessing as well with our temps hovering near 100 and grass and plants withering. The turkey vultures who sit atop our round bales of hay in the field spread their enormous wings in the heat to cool. It's quite a sight.


  2. The entire city of present day Leadville chose Ann's books as their "official" read this year. All three are wonderful!

    Camille/Margaret Grace


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