August 03, 2009

Art Come to Life: De Pury's Bobbin Lacemaker in Miniature

One of the most fascinating aspects of miniatures is the ability of artisans to replicate the work of famous artists, bringing their work to life in a way the painters never could have envisioned.

IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artisans) Artisan Lucie Winsky has brought a number of famous paintings to life with her skill in making miniature dolls.

(A story on the dolls she made based on the work of Johannes Vermeer and other artists will be in the Oct. issue of the Dolls' House Magazine.)

This time, Lucie was asked to replicate the work of a painter she wasn't familiar with - Edmund de Pury's "The Little Bobbin Lace Maker."

Good likeness, isn't it? Lucie has captured both the charm, and the skill, of the painting in her miniature doll.

* Read more about lacemaking

* See some beautiful antique bobbin lace

** Come back tomorrow for a look at more artistic doll replicas, this time by doll maker Claire Smith Campbell.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. This is indeed a wonderful "replica".


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