April 03, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge 2013 - C is for Miniature Candy Room

Thanks for coming back for the A to Z Blog Challenge (click link to see the 1,000+ blogs enrolled. yes that many!)

(And if you like horror and all things zombie, I and my co-bloggers will also be blogging daily over at GirlZombieAuthors so be sure to check it out.)

(I feel like the Romper Room lady.  (Holy cow, that's a You Tube clip.... haven't seen her in years!) Remember her?)

Today's letter is C - for candy box. A Miniature Candy Box Room, to be precise. 

My friend Gigi gave me this box one year for Christmas which was great for two reasons, 1. Belgian chocolate! and 2. the box. It made a great room once hubby cut a hole in front. The furniture is half scale (a half inch equals 1 foot so a "person" is about 3 inches tall.)  I made the furniture from a d. Anne Ruff kit for those who know the hobby. The furniture is made of cardboard and fabric. Those are real family pix I shrunk and put on the mantle, too.

See more pix at my website miniatures page (see Candy Box Room link).

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