May 07, 2012

Wow, Soylent Green is Real! Dangers of Animal and Human Devaluation in China

Warning to the squeamish: this is incredibly sick.

I've written before about the dangers of a culture in which animals or humans are devalued - namely China.

Forget centuries of "tradition." There is something wrong when rare, exotic or household animals are routinely killed for parts and eastern medicines in the superstitious, ignorant belief that the animal parts offer some kind of cure. Tigers. Elephants. Dolphins. Whales. Rhinos. You name it, there is a market in China for animals for use as exotic "ingredients." And that is only the ones I know of, (never mind the horrid fates of some dogs and cats as well.)

It's not surprising maybe, though no less shocking, when a major news outlet reports that pills comprised of human flesh are being sold, and coming from - yes - China! See story - "South Korea Cracks Down on Human Flesh Capsules from China" - here.

YIKES! Soylent Green, the "magic" pills in real life! But consider this: in a culture where humans and animals are continually devalued, is this really a surprise?

When mothers who dare to try to have more than one child are taken away, their babies (even at eight months of pregnancy)are ripped from their wombs for disobeying the law, should this be a shock?

When animals, like dogs, are mistreated, tortured and sold for food or pelts, should this be surprising?

When people are kept ignorant and uneducated (hence controllable), they will cling to what they know - centuries-old practices that have no place in modern society. But... I am sure that the uneducated are not the only ones who procure "traditional" medicines as I am sure many of these items have a good pricetag.

Of course greed certainly has no borders, nor does depravity. Time and again, the US and other countries have witnessed the consequences of dealing with China: faulty, cheaply made, and even dangerous or deadly products made in deplorable conditions.

This reveals a whole new low that manufacturers in China will go to. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? - C. Verstraete

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