March 14, 2011

Miniatures Monday: Cupcakes!

A few of my friend Kitty's new cupcakes (and cookies)!

My friend, Kitty is fantastic at making miniature foods. She's on a cupcake kick now and well, she's got me hooked, too! She made a bunch of teapots for me before and we both made a tea shoppe. So this time we're both going to make a cupcake shop. The fun part is trading things back and forth between the US and Holland, and seeing how we both do our shops. I have to decide yet whether to put it in a house or a shadowbox. We both like shabby chic, so we're leaning in that direction for colors.


  1. Love your cupcakes! A shabby chic sweet shop sounds awesome :)

    Victoria ❤

  2. Mini cupcakes and cookies are a horrible tease! Moreover, they're going to be an awful surprise for the poor individual overcome by temptation and a belief that they are real...


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