August 11, 2007

Hi from Lydia

Hi! I'm Lydia Filzen. I write my dog-related fiction under that name, and my historical fiction as Lydia Hawke.I have six Collies, show them in breed, obedience and agility. We've started herding now that we've found a trainer here in Northeast Florida. This isn't exactly sheep country, you know.I've worked with dogs all my life, and especially love Collies. Lassie and the Albert Payson Terhune stories got me hooked, but the dogs themselves reeled me in!

I've written a couple of doggy short stories, Getting It! and Angus the Vampire Slayer, plus a romantic suspense set in the world of agility trials, Silent Witness.

My Civil War novel, Firetrail, has been made into a movie, which will premiere August 25 at Augusta, Georgia. Check my website, for more about me, my dogs, and my writings.
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