January 21, 2016

HS Victorian Dollhouse Curtains

It's curtains! Well, almost.

An example of a decorating dilemma for the Half Scale Victorian House. (see beginning pix).

There are 10 windows in the tower, so when I made some curtains and put one in.... argh! I realized they should be longer. 

Well... no way was I remaking the nine I had already done. So, how to fix this? Time for some clever piecing except I didn't really like the solution I came up with. The hearts didn't really fit (but I may use them for the girl's bedroom if I do one.) Cute, but too cutesy for here. Back to the drawing board.

I never seem to find a solution the first time. Oh, no. It has to be, let's see, about four different tries... Then a friend on Facebook suggested some beads. No, not right, but the color gave me an idea.

I found the lace bag I should've looked in the first time and found a dark maroon lace. Folded over and glued, it works to look like a tie. Not perfect, but I think a better solution in keeping with the room style.

So, on to finishing them. Have to get the rest of the trim in first, which is kind of tricky. This really should have been done before it was built. Oh, well.

Then on to the next problem... because I know there'll be one or two, or...

How's your project going????
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