August 25, 2015

New Miniature Style Ebook Cover - Now on Kindle!

If you don't have it already, my first ebook In Miniature Style is now on Kindle - with a new cover!

You should know we changed the cover from the original pink/purple ebook cover above.

The contents are the same unless you want to get a version for your Kindle.  See Amazon page for In Miniature Style: Original Homes and Rooms, Big in Quality, Small in Size.  You can get more details on the contents on my website. - Here is the link for all the Amazon pages.

Happy minis!

Note: there may be an issue with too small text on captions that is being worked on.

** Projects original to this version include:

* Handmade kaleidoscope
* Coordinating picture frame
* Antique reproduction mantle clock
* Pigeons
* Fun flowers
*  Wall a room and make hats
* Original lamps and tables
* Art rugs

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