April 09, 2013

A to Z Blog Challenge - H is for Miniature Handbags and Purses

Thanks for coming back for the A to Z Blog Challenge (click link to see the 1,000+ blogs enrolled. yes that many!)

(And if you like horror and all things zombie, I and my co-bloggers will also be blogging daily over at GirlZombieAuthors so be sure to check it out.)

Today's letter is H for Miniature Handbags & Purses

Many prefer modern styles in miniature, but Victorian and past decades are always popular in miniature. There's something appealing about making super frilly and feminine items  that you see only in a museum or in old photos. (See more of my miniatures.)

While the thought of corsets doesn't sound too appealing, (though the steampunk crowd has made them look really good,) you have to wonder what it would be like to dress in the silkiest, prettiest, most feminine of Victorian gowns with all the accessories, even if just for a day, right?

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