April 28, 2011

W to X: Tornadoes, what gives? A to Z Blog Challenge

Holy cow.... hundreds of tornadoes in one day? Hundreds for the month? What gives?

This is nothing like Dorothy's trip in The Wizard of Oz.

Interesting details and map about tornadoes at the Washington Post.

Fascinating, though frightening, but I never want to see that swirling mass too close. On odd weather days when it's cool, then suddenly warm, you just wait to see if the sirens will go off.

Living in Wisconsin, we've had our close calls. The closest was some years ago when a tornado went through, violent winds, sudden hail and storming. It tore off a bunch of trees a mile away. Scary stuff.

We still are arguing about the safest spot to go: under the deck? I'm thinking the closet, but then I'd have to move all the junk first. And get the dog in with me. a big stubborn German Shepherd. I can see how that would go.

** What's your scariest weather situation?

1 comment:

  1. I live in California, so we don't have tornadoes here. At least not like the ones in the midwest and the south.

    In fact, our weather is pretty decent here most of the time. But we do have the Santa Ana winds which run from East to West and are usually hurricane force, without the rain. They can be scary sometimes.


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