January 19, 2011

Miniatures Wednesday: Patty Benedict's Miniature Monsters

If you've never seen the work of amazing doll artist Patty Benedict of Woopitydooart, you're in for a treat (not a trick!)

So what if Halloween is months away? Patty loves indulging her love of the holiday and her creativity with her one-of-a-kind sculpted figures any day of the year.

Known for her witches and amusing witch brooms, Patty hand-sculpts her figures of polymer clay usually in the standard 1/12th - one-inch scale (1" equals 1 foot) dollhouse scale. (See Patty's other figures and read more about her here.)

Well... she's outdone herself this time! Her latest adorably gruesome pair are 1/4th (quarter-inch) scale. Holy cow! The monster is under 1 3/4" and the little Igor is under 1" tall. Check out the detail!!!

I admit, I'm a fan of Patty's work and have written about her before, but even if you don't like Halloween characters, looking at these is sure to make you smile.

* Patty is selling the pair on eBay here.

* Patty's blog link to her little monsters (Take that Lady GaGa! - she calls her fans "little monsters" in case you didn't know.)


  1. Wow, those are TINY! Does she have to use dental tools to sculpt all those wee details?


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