October 05, 2010

New Miniatures How-To: Halloween Pillows in AIM Magazine

The fun Halloween pillows pictured here are part of a new how-to I did for the spooky Halloween/October issue of Artisans in Miniature (AIM) Magazine.

All the pillows are made from cotton Halloween fabric - and beware: glitter! (I love glitter, but... you'll see my warning in the magazine. haa!) It's a fun, easy way to decorate your mini house for Halloween! (The furniture shown is half scale, but the pillows can be used in any size.) And guess what? No worry: they're no-sew! (I used glue!)

Also, here's another photo of the first pillow I did, a bat cut-out which I just love! I added a smaller bat cut-out on the end of the bed, too.


  1. Another great magazine this month..xxx

  2. The pillows look awesome. I wish I could sew! But I can't even draw a line straight.

    Really Angelic

  3. Hi Enid, guess what? They're no-sew!

  4. I am glad I found your blog.
    With a last name like your I am sure you live somewhere near me. (North of Milw.)
    I came over to learn more about your Days of Halloween so I can add you to my calendar.
    Now I am going to look around and enjoy.

  5. I really like the lace on that Halloween bedspread!

  6. Christina, you're the second person who said that so I confess.... the "lace" is really a print cotton fabric. haa! I loved it as it had a spider-web type look.


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