October 06, 2010

Halloween Partying at Haunt Jaunts!

My friend, Courtney, over at Haunt Jaunts, a travel blog for restless spirits who love haunted places, is having a Hallowen Party all month!

Get in on the prizes, spooky fun and all kinds of who-knows-what! (Leave it to Courts to talk about the pervy Halloween costumes! And she's probably right, some are kind of creepy!)

** Stop by and see what she has brewing. I'll be popping in over there later in the month.

** Also check out Haunt Jaunts at Facebook.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. If I want to go somewhere haunted, I stay home. We have an occasional spirit upstairs who keeps me company.

    Marian Allen

  3. Marian, now that's something worth hearing about!

  4. Whole month of haunted creatures...That's scary. (I'm fixing my link)

    My Darcy Mutates

  5. HEY! THANKS for the shout out! I still got Candid Canine down for a Party Express stop. WOOT! Oh, and I have been shamefully behind on blog reading so I haven't been by in a while. LOVE what you've done with the place! The blog's looking SHARP!


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