November 06, 2008

"Eye" Candy - In the Eye of a Needle

Today I thought I'd highlight an incredible artist whose work many may not be familiar with.

I collect and make miniatures, but working in quarter scale or 144th scale is small enough for me. I've worked in these scales but prefer larger projects.

Now imagine something smaller than the eye can see, even smaller than the eye of a needle.

That old question, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, can be demonstrated in the hands of micro-artist Willard Wigan.

For an amazing view of his work, check out this ABC News video.


  1. That guy is truly amazing. I couldn't think of doing what he does. I have the hardest time threading a needle.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Amazing. THe patience he (and you and Camille et al) have just blows me away!

  3. yeah cool ain't it? I could never work taht small.
    Dana - patience? Me? haaaa!


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